Coaches Assistance Program

The Coaches Assistance Program (C.A.P.) is powered by The Jason Foundation, Inc. (JFI). JFI was founded in 1997 after the tragic suicide of our President’s youngest son Jason. With offices throughout the country, JFI is one of the nation’s leading clinically-based non-profit organizations for the awareness and prevention of youth suicide. JFI programs are now in use in every state and several foreign countries. JFI uses education as a tool to create awareness and to provide the information and resources for identification and support of at-risk youth.


Some of our Affilations are listed below. Please visit their link to learn more about them. 

American Football Coaches Association

The American Football Coaches Association is considered the primary program for football coaches at all levels of competition. The 11,000+ member organization includes more than 90% of head coaches at the 700-plus schools that sponsor football. The coaches represent high school, college and professional levels of play. The association supports programs that improve the quality of life and future of its members and the youth of this nation. Since 2004, American Football Coaches Association (AFCA) have encouraged their member coaches to help in the awareness and prevention of youth suicide. Many AFCA coaches have accepted heightened responsibilities with JFI as “Ambassadors”. Our coach ambassadors work with JFI on such projects as Public Service Announcements, speaking engagements, and helping to introduce JFI programs and services on a local, regional or national basis. AFCA has been instrumental in helping build a national image of JFI and a national message of awareness and prevention of youth suicide.


National Organization of Coaches Association Directors (NOCAD) chartered mission is to generate revenue and provide active support to the member states for the benefit of their high school’s multi-faceted student-related activities and athletic programs. They value active support and contributions; it is important to continue to be resourceful in providing assistance for coaches and athletic associations. NOCAD states reach across the country from Connecticut to Hawaii and Oregon to Florida. Their annual meetings are held at various locations across the country. Each state member is a valuable part of the organization and contributes to its achievements. The Jason Foundation and NOCAD will work together to offer programs and materials that will provide information, tools and resources to their membership in raising awareness and helping to build prevention skills. The NOCAD membership reaches more than 155,000 coaches across the country.

National Awareness Affiliates